November is a month when you see signs all over the street corners and grasss, i don’t like politics and voting and all of the politicians and their speeches, they make a bunch of promises that they never intend to keep… Medical marijuana was on the ballot in the state for numerous or numerous terms before it was ever easily considered. It’s really clear why the pharmaceutical companies pay lobbyists to keep medical marijuana from being legalized. Medical marijuana provides absolute and immediate relief from chronic pain complications. It took a really long time for this state to legalize medical marijuana. I regularly thought it was due to the dangers, but now I realize that it was simply due to the cash, pharmaceutical companies cannot make a billion dollars every single year if people are using medical marijuana. These large companies have lots of cash and they pay our politicians to make the decisions that they want instead of the decisions that are enjoyable for the community and the country. I got a medical marijuana card a few years ago, after I moved out of state to a venue where medical marijuana was legal, then after finding relief from medical marijuana, I never needed another pain pill. In fact, I have been using medical marijuana yearly to help with all of our medical and health complications. Medical marijuana helps myself and others with inflammation, pain, anxiety, stress, and a variety of other complications. I have been able to split back on a lot of the pharmaceuticals that I used to take every single day. I am happy to see the future of medical and recreational marijuana products.

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