When you live in a state with legal recreational and medical marijuana laws, you have a lot of openings for the products that you need.

I lived in a state with legal medical marijuana for 3 years.

Most of the products that were available included dried marijuana flower and concentrates care about wax and shatter. Every once in a while, the dispensary would have some live rosin jam, however it was almost $79 for a single gram. The price of medical marijuana was killing our budget each month and insurance doesn’t cover any of the costs. I had to stop using medical marijuana or transport to a state where it was legal. I tried to find a place on the west coast, because I had some family in that area. I found a girl on Craigslist that needed a roommate and I moved into a home close to the beach. I am right in the middle of the neighborhood and I have access to medical and recreational marijuana from a number of unusual shops and dispensaries. The prices on marijuana are much cheaper in this area. I cut our budget by a second after I moved and I have been able to save up. I am now living in a place of our own. I moved to a unusual home on the other side of the city. I am further away from the beach, however I am a lot closer to our new job. I won’t have to commute 30 or 40 minutes every day and that is much better than living close to the beach.

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