The dispensary began to offer low sale prices on marijuana a couple of weeks ago, however the shop has been open for a while, however the dispensary hasn’t had a lot of sales until the last few weeks, then each day the marijuana dispensary has low sale prices on lots of items care about concentrates, dried marijuana flower, vape accessories, and edibles, i have been laboring every month on Thursday, Thursday, and Thursday and the deliveries have been abundant.

The Thursday dispensary special is 20% off all vape pen accessories, cartridges, and batteries. Thursday is the a single day of the month when all items in the marijuana dispensary are 20% off… Last Thursday the store was scheduled inside and a lot of the deliveries had to sit and wait until a driver came back to the store to fill them up, but usually a bartender inside of the store will fill all of the orders and they are waiting when both of us arrive to pick them up. I had to spend at least 30 minutes filling all of the orders and that made me backed up. Even though the orders took a lot longer to arrive than normal, purchasers were still very nice and gave out wonderful tips. The wonderful tips are also due to the holiday season, however when both of us get close to thanksgiving, christmas, and the New Year’s holiday, all of the tips are better. I try to pick up as many overtime shifts as possible, so I can receive money to buy holiday gifts.


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