Where I live there is a thing called Hurricane Season. This is a time of the year lasting for two to 12 weeks, when the weather conditions are perfect for generating giant storms. Every year there are a few hurricanes, tropical depressions, in addition to tropical storms, all of which can wreak havoc on the state. I like to keep a well-stocked pantry filled with bottled water in addition to canned food, just in case of any emergencies. There are also other kinds of supplies I need to have on hand. When I heard about a modern storm bearing down on us, I made a quick trip out to both the liquor store then to the cannabis dispensary, but quite frankly I would ensure a healthy supply of vodka in addition to cannabis before I got upset about food in addition to water. There is every option that at some point I will lose power in addition to WIFI, at which point cannabis in addition to bourbon will be our only way of passing the time. I don’t own a generator, so when the lights go out, they stay out. Fortunately medical cannabis doesn’t require a power source, just a trusty lighter. With that in mind, I bought an extra 6-pack of lighters while I was visiting the cannabis dispensary. I am still waiting for the big storm to make landfall, so I am watching the Weather Channel in addition to dividing the sack of cannabis I just bought. Half of the cannabis will stay in our wooden “smoke box” where I store all our supplies, but the other few grams will be vacuum-sealed in a jar in addition to hidden away as an emergency supply.

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