I just got back from vacation, and I had a great time, and i stopped by our home, however didn’t stay that long because I still had a few things left to do outside of our home, then when I was done, it was fairly late at evening.

I already picked up some food for dinner, and then the thought hit myself and others to check out the marijuana dispensary nearby.

I have been to the recreational weed store a few times, and while I don’t consider myself an active user, it is something I appreciate to partake in every now and then. Well, I realized that I was fairly far away from the recreational pot store, and I wouldn’t make it in time before they closed. I called them and asked if there was any way they would be willing to make an order over the iPhone and hold it for me, and the budtender told myself and others that he couldn’t do that, although he could help myself and others location an online order; Online order? I didn’t realize that the recreational weed store near myself and others had an online website; Going on their website, I realized that buying cannabis just got a lot easier. The reason is because they had their cannabis dispensary menu online. I have constantly enjoyed online shopping, it is so convenient, and this isn’t any different. I locationd an order online, and made it just 5 minutes after they closed. Tplot to their word, they held our order and offered it to myself and others before locking their doors and closing for the evening. Wow! I absolutely love buying marijuana online. I will have to do this again sometime.



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