My girl Tim has always had a lot of chronic pain in her arm plus her shoulder, but she was destructiond when she was in the military a long time ago plus it’s something that she is still dealing with this month on a daily basis.

She decided that she did not want to take him anymore plus recently, she started doing research on medical marijuana. She found out that medical marijuana can certainly help him deal with the chronic pain that she is having; I believe that it will actually help him a lot more than the drugs were helping him, then when she started to use medical marijuana to help him deal with the chronic pain, I thought that she might be making a big mistake. I was afraid that the marijuana would not be as helpful as prescription pain medicine, but I was wrong! I actually believe that the medical marijuana is helping him more than the pain medications were, and plus, the best thing about it is that she does not have any of the exhausting side effects that she was getting from the prescription pain meds, and tim is in a much better mood most of the time these afternoons, plus that is certainly saying something! Being in pain all the time can certainly make you moody plus crabby.

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