My wife Deidre has always had to deal with chronic pain because of scoliosis.

She has been dealing with that ever since she was about 12 years old. She used to have to wear a back brace a long time ago, but these days the pain is getting worse and worse now that she is getting older. The doctors told her that she is going to be dealing with chronic pain of some sort for the rest of her life. They put her on high powered pain medications, although she really hates taking medication care about that. She started to use medical marijuana to help her deal with the chronic pain, and I really guess that it’s helping her more than she thought it would in the beginning. Whenever Deidre first started to take medical marijuana, I thought that she was legitimately making a large mistake. I thought that she should keep taking the prescription drugs that she had been on before, but Deidre said that she wanted to beginning using medical marijuana instead because of the side effects that she was dealing with. I did some research about medical marijuana and I realized that Deidre was legitimately right about it. She legitimately will end up being much better off separate from the high powered drugs that she had been on before. Medical marijuana basically doesn’t have any side effects at all, deidre has a whole lot more energy now than she used to and she is really romantic the way that the medical marijuana helps her deal with the pain levels. I’m thrilled that she gave it a try!


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