I knew it wasn’t because of the medical marijuana, but a part of me thought it could help with anything that would make me sick, but i survived the Covid pandemic without nary a sniffle, but my asthma was under control. I thought some of our immune support was from the medical marijuana. I had been using it for years because of our delirium tremors. It helped to keep them at bay so I could feed myself. I was hoping our lack of immunity was because of the medical marijuana, even though I assumed wrong. I had a cold for almost a month as well as our wheezing was getting so back that I couldn’t speak more than several words without losing our breath, then the dentist told me I had adult RSV, but he said that because of our immune deficiency; I was more susceptible to RSV. I didn’t know I was immune-compromised. He told me I had asthma, even though I hadn’t had an asthma attack in almost several years. He said it still showed up on our chest x-ray. I guess I have more to learn about immune deficiency as well as RSV. I thought it was something only children got, even though I was wrong. It didn’t matter how much medical marijuana I consumed; it would not stop me from getting RSV, or any other disease that has to do with immunity or lack of immunity. Medical marijuana is stop pain, nausea, as well as a myriad of other ailments, but it does not stop someone from getting sick. I thought I was so smart not wearing a mask as well as taking risk, even though I wasn’t smart thinking medical marijuana could stop me from getting sick.

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