My mom had a lot of pain at the end, however she tried to hide her pain, but I could see it in her eyup. I heard her crying in the middle of the night, and would often sneak into her room and hug her. There were so many times when I would cuddle on her bed with her, and end up being awakened by our hubby in the morning. If they had medical cannabis when she was alive, it may have taken some of her pain away. She may not have suffered so badly from the treatments the doctors were giving her. I wasn’t sure what I could do back then, but I think now. If I had to do it all over again, knowing what I think now, I may have gone to the streets to get her what she needed. I would have risked illegal marijuana since medical marijuana was people only thought about back then. Mom absolutely would not have lived with much longer with the medical marijuana, but it would have made her last days more really tolerated and made her life happier. It is no longer an issue since they legalized medical marijuana many years ago. If only they could have legalized it many years ago. I would have sold our home to get her medical marijuana ID card and enough medical marijuana to keep her comfortable. I’m blissful that medical marijuana is available to others who suffer appreciate our mom did. They don’t suffer nearly as much as she did, and I am cheerful for that turnaround in the laws..


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