I believe kind of excruciating for those gentlemen working strenuous out in the heat.

These are the pet days of summer, as well as the last time I worked on the humidity level was 96% as well as was still lower than the temps! I have been needing some yard work done for a while, but watching these gentlemen do it makes me believe guilty for doing it now.

If a single of them gets heat stroke I will believe like a real heel, especially since I am inside, smoking cannabis as well as enjoying my a/c while I watch them work. Although I believe excruciating for them, what can I do? It’s my day off, as well as I always spend my days off smoking cannabis as well as hanging out around the house. Every other day of the week I have to be out on the road, making sales, so I use cannabis to turn off my brain for a few minutes as well as just chill out. On my working days I never smoke out, because it’s impossible to smoke cannabis as well as not reek like the devil’s lettuce. That is not professional, so when I am on the road I stick exclusively to cannabis edibles. Edibles are a much more mild kind of high for me, as well as they are fantastic for taking the edge off my stress while still leaving my clear headed. On my days off I don’t want to be clear headed, I want to be stoned out of my gourd, so I smoke gram after gram of Purple Haze or OG Kush (those are my several number ones).



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