I inherited the cannabis dispensary near me from a friend of mine.

The guy was really old school.

He didn’t do anything online at all. When he needed more workers, he took out an ad in the paper. When there was an issue, he had everyone talk it out. People punched in for work with an actual paper punch card. The guy did absolutely no 401 K contributions either. It baffles me how behind the times he was. When I took over the cannabis dispensary, I decided that I needed some cannabis software. I wanted dispeanry time and attendance software. I didn’t trust the budtenders to not fake their numbers. I wanted it all on the computer and automated. I also hoped to eliminate people punching in for each other and getting paid for hours they didn’t work. I looked into a human resource business partner for my dispensary. The dispensary HR services were more than worth the money. I also hunted around for dispensary retirement planning and a cannabis 401K provider. I wanted to make my business legit and to be a good place to work. Thankfully I found a cannabis dispensary software company that had all of these programs for me. They set everything up, trained me and my bartenders and got us all on the same page. Everything works more efficiently now. I am glad the dispenser is off paper for the first time ever. The previous business owner did a very good job. He kept the dispensary afloat and was great with his people. But times have changed and you need to change with them.
Dispensary hr software