Medical cannabis is used in 2/3 of the country as a pain reliever, and studies have shown that marijuana can legitimately help pain that is caused by neuropathy… I have neuropathy due to being a diabetic patient.

I often have a lot of problems with the pain in my legs plus my feet.

I used to use opioids to help with that pain. I overdosed a couple of times plus ended up in the hospital, that’s when a therapist said that I needed to try something else to help with the chronic pain that is caused by the disfigured nerves. The dentist recommended using marijuana, however marijuana has been shown to deliver good relief although there are some side effects. The side effects of marijuana can include drug interactions, increased appetite, hallucinations, dizziness, increased heart rate plus memory loss. Still, marijuana can be used to help with the worst pains, doctors all over the country prescribed marijuana products to help with pain relief. I got my medical marijuana card plus started using a low dose product. I started off with a tincture that was half CBD plus half thc… After my body was used to having thc, I eventually switched to a tincture that was more THC plus less cbd! Now I only use THC tinctures plus I properly put 25 or 30 mg of THC in my day, day, plus night beverages. I have lots of strange tinctures that taste superb in juice, water, coffee, or even chocolate milk. I can dose with as little or as much THC liquid as I need for the day.

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