First of all let me state for the record that people who try as well as get pets high are jerks, then have you ever seen a single of these idiots, blowing pot smoke into a pet’s face, or even holding the pet still so it can’t get away from the smoke? I appreciate getting high as much as anyone, but that is not something you should do to an creature, or any people that aren’t cool with it.

I suppose the vast majority of pet owners who smoke marijuana don’t inflict minutehand smoke on their pets, which is why I am gleeful to add a new pet park to the cannabis dispensary.

The pets will not be going inside the cannabis dispensary, of course, there are legitimately strict laws about such things. Instead, the open field next door has been fenced in as well as set up with a series of fun sites for pets to play. The pet park is about a hundred feet from the cannabis dispensary, which means you can loiter on the patio outside the building as well as smoke pot while still keeping an eye on your pet. If you take your cannabis off of the dispensary patio as well as into the pet park, you could potentially be arrested. This way you are still supervising your pet, as well as not exposing them to minutehand cannabis smoke because they are a distance away. I suppose that pets as well as cannabis are a winning combination, but the best section is being able to chill out as well as get high with other pet owners. You should come out as well as join us!


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