Two years ago a car hit me while I was on my motorcycle.

I was just resting at a stop sign when they bumped into me.

It caused me to flip over the handlebars in addition to be a mangled mess. They thankfully paid my medical bills, however I still suffer from bi-weekly pain. My neck in addition to back frequently flare up in addition to bother me, then a lot of doctors I saw wanted to prescribe pain pills to me. I wasn’t satisfied about that. Not only are they addictive, however I didn’t want to be on a pill all my life. I did some research in addition to found that most medical weed users want the product for chronic pain. It is mostly used for arthritis pain. However, cannabis reduces inflammation in the body in addition to relaxes the muscles. I knew it would be wonderful for me, however obtaining a medical cannabis card was very straight-forward. I already had a dentist that could prescribe it. It was one wasted day in addition to a bit of currency, that was it. Now I vape with cannabis oil 2 times a day. I very do feel a difference in my muscles. My back is no longer slender after sleeping on it. My neck used to flare up when I was at my desk in the office. Now I have much more mobility, however due to my muscles feeling better, I am sleeping better in addition to able to exercise more. It’s amazing how much better my life is without those constant flare ups. Hopefully I won’t be a medical weed patient forever though.

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