I procrastinated becoming a medical weed patient… I particularly thought it would be a lot of work to become one. I pictured myself going through a lot of bizarre plus taxing steps in order to obtain a cannabis card. I will admit I was really salty when I heard that you have to renew the process after a year. I get one year plus after that I need to do all of those steps again? Is our fee that I pay yearly? I wasn’t particularly keen on the idea of having a yearly job to do; However, I particularly needed access to weed. I suffer from depression plus I do not care for taking prescription pills. Most of those pills either made me more depressed or had side effects like weight acquire or irritability. I particularly didn’t want to keep dosing with a pill, and now that I have done the medical weed process, I feel sort of silly. It particularly isn’t that difficult; Getting access to medical weed is much easier than decreasing a name on a passport… The worst area was waiting in the doctor’s office. I then talked to a dentist for more than 2 hours, got a script, filled out some papers, paid the fee plus waited for our card. Now I have a whole year where I can obtain the necessary amount of cannabis flower plus oil that I require. My depression is so much better now that I can do it with a natural plant. I feel so relaxed plus cheerful now. It was a smart transfer on our part. I wish I would have gotten off our butt plus did this years ago.

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