I was raised during a time when there was a stigma associated with marijuana.

Those who consumed it were considered degenerates, criminals and lacking in ambition.

We were told that smoking weed kills brain cells and that it is a gateway drug. Perception has changed a great deal. More and more states are legalizing recreational cannabis and dispensaries are opening up across the country. Marijuana is the fastest growing industry. While there is still a lack of legitimate research into the full potential and possible side-effects of cannabis, there is no doubt of the curative properties. There are thousands of success stories from people taking advantage of plant-based medicine. I was resistant for quite a while. I couldn’t get past the connotations that were ingrained into me as a child. However, as I’ve grown older, I’ve developed pain in my hips that interferes with my everyday life. Synthetic medications have provided some relief, but they also cause problematic side-effects. I worried that taking those drugs was leading to worse health concerns down the road. I became very interested in natural medicine. Reading up on cannabis completely changed my opinion of it. I now see it as a holistic remedy and an amazing opportunity. I shop the dispensary for CBD-dominant products that don’t cause any psychoactive effects. CBD has proven useful in treating chronic pain and inflammation. I’m able to choose products such as tinctures, edibles and topicals that avoid damage to my lungs caused by smoking. Plus, these cannabis consumption methods are discreet and easy. Because of cannabis, I am able to enjoy a better quality of life.

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