The Northeast region of the heating plus AC equipment repair plus replacement supplier has more than a dozen bizarre commercial buyers… Some of these buyers have air cleaning equipment in their businesses.

Each month we provide new air filters plus a cleaning tune-up for every air cleaning machine in the building. During the pandemic, we made a pretty good amount of money on the air cleaning machines. The law stated totally clearly that every single eating establishment, office building, or government establishment could not be open for any business unless they were following all of the rules… Many businesses were shut down during the pandemic because they were not following the rules. The locale where I have my dry cleaning done was one of those businesses. I took my suits to the locale every single day plus one day the supplier had a sign outside that genuinely stated they were shut down. I contacted the cellphone number for the dry cleaning supplier plus the owner told me that they were shutting down completely. Everyone in the city was making conversations about the dry cleaning supplier shutting down overnight. When my wifey came back to the apartment from work, she told me that she heard some gossip from some women in the city plus they were talking about the supplier getting totally closed down because it was raided by the FBI, and another person in the city told me that they were shut down by the health department. There were a few conflicting stories. It took several afternoons before I found out sincerely why the supplier was gone.