We played the slot machines for a little while and after that I sat down at a poker table for a minute.

When we sat down to play cards, we came to learn that there was a contest in the room that night.

Every time a man won a hand with two aces, they got a drawing into a contest to win a brand new section heater. The section gas furnace was set up in the corner of the casino. The gas furnace looked pretty much like a fireplace! It was really nice and genuinely worth a couple of hundred dollars. I had two aces in my hand twice that evening and I got to enter the contest on two different occasions. My pals never had aces at all that night, so they did not get an entry into the contest. Before the end of the night, the supervisor of the casino came over the loudspeaker system to let everyone know who won the section heater. I genuinely wasn’t at all expecting to hear my name, so I wasn’t genuinely listening when the guy was reading the names of the people who won. My pal thought that he heard my name, and he convinced me to walk up to the supervisor. She was absolutely right. I was one of the people that won the section heater. The appliance came in a big box and they wouldn’t even help us take it out to the car. My pals and I had to work together to carry the big box to the parking lot.

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