Are you aware of the real reason that cannabis has been legalized in so many places? It’s all because of senior citizens.

All the college potheads in the world could never mobilize well enough to get legalization passed, but the seniors did it within a year or two of making the choice. You see young people who are adamant about legalization, so they post blogs and host concerts and raise a big fuss – and then don’t vote. Senior citizens vote in record numbers every single election, so when we decided collectively that we wanted legal access to cannabis, we got it! The same long-haired hippies from the 60s and 70s still love smoking cannabis as much as they ever did. A lot of these people tend to vote very conservatively, for financial reasons, but when it comes to issues like cannabis legalization they swing the other direction. I have a medical marijuana prescription card, issued by the state after getting the right paperwork from my doctor. I can walk into any of the cannabis dispensaries in the entire state and buy up to the legal limit. I wish the limits were a lot higher, but I understand that the government is trying to stop people from bulk-buying cannabis to resell on the streets. It’s okay if I can only get a few grams of Purple Haze at a time, because I can always go back the next day for more. If it were harder for senior citizens to get access to medical cannabis prescriptions, then they would vote to legalize recreational use, as well.


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