Do you notice a major difference between getting stoned by yourself and doing it with other people? I smoke pretty much constantly.

I have a joint for breakfast, and another one for lunch, and after that I really start smoking seriously! I don’t have any problem getting high alone, but I have noticed that smoking weed with someone else enhances my high. Why do I get so giggling and goofy when smoking cannabis with other people, because by myself I don’t laugh very much. I talk to a lot of other potheads about this, and while there is no scientific answer, we all feel that cannabis has a communal effect. Perhaps the nature of the cannabis plant is to bring people together in peace, harmony, and laughter? Oddly enough, I do not find this to be the case with cannabis edibles. Edibles give a very different kind of high, as compared to smoking cannabis buds. The same is true for vaping cannabis oil, which is great for unwinding after a long day but not as much fun to smoke in groups. When it comes to hanging with the gang and having a good time, smoking cannabis buds simply cannot be beat. Now that cannabis is not as demonized as it used to be, I will even bring a little with me when I go out. We can’t smoke marijuana in bars or clubs yet, but no one seems to care if we step outside for a “smoke break.” Whenever I go out for a night on the town, cannabis is always in the mix

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