Before cannabis legalization was passed into law, I had never smoked much pot.

Perhaps a few times back in school, but I smoked it Bill Clinton style, meaning I just held it and puffed I didn’t inhale.

Once the laws changed, I was very interested in seeing what I had missed out on. I expected to find a few products in the shop, so I was blown away by the hundreds of products they carried. I didn’t know where to start, so I asked a budtender to recommend the best kind of cannabis to me. This led to an hour-long conversation where I got a crash course in the basics of cannabis products. Once a week or so I go back and talk to the same budtender, to try and enhance my marijuana education. For just being a “weed” cannabis is very complex, with a lot of nuance to it. The cannabis dispensary is a very chill place, and everyone seems eager to help further my education. First I learned the basics, like what THC was, and the differences between sativa and indica strains. Every time I get a lesson I always buy a small amount of the kinds of cannabis we discussed. This gives me a hand-on experience with everything, and I never buy too much of any one strain of cannabis because I want to try them all! This week I plan on asking about some of the classic strains, like Purple Haze, Blue Dream, Mowie Wowie, and Acapulco Gold. I want to learn the botanical lineage of these classics.

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