My oldest daughter is named Savannah, and just recently I caught her smoking cannabis in her bedroom.

She had opened up the windows, turned on the ceiling fan, and lit a couple of scented candles to obscure the odor… but it didn’t work.

Savannah was young and naive enough to think that the smell of marijuana smoke could be so easily covered up. Even sitting downstairs with the air conditioning going full blast I noticed the reek of weed smoke as soon as she lit up. Cannabis has such a strong and distinct smell that it is very easy to detect, which is why I never do it in public. I knew my wife would flip out if she caught Savannah smoking marijuana, which wouldn’t be good for anyone. Unlike my wife, I believe that cannabis is wonderful, and can be very helpful for people’s mental health. I didn’t get mad, I just let myself into Savannah’s room and caught her in the middle of packing another bowl of cannabis. She was stunned silent when I picked up her nickel bag worth of ditch weed and examined it. From the look and the smell of it I could tell this low-grade cannabis, more likely to give her a headache than get her high. I made Savannah a deal, that we would smoke some cannabis together, and then she would never smoke it in the house again. It was neat seeing her first experience with legit cannabis instead of ragweed. Savannah and I had a great time, I just hope my wife never finds out!

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