When it comes to smoking cannabis, my tastes have evolved over the years.

My pals and I didn’t have any kind of refined tastes, so whatever someone had to sell we bought. Once I got to college my horizons expanded in many different ways. The quality of cannabis I had access to was far beyond anything I had previously tasted. Also I experimented with many different ways of getting high. This is what college is all about, right? At one point my friend showed me how to smoke cannabis by using butter knives and a hot plate. In essence, this was “freebasing” cannabis instead of smoking it in the normal way. The results were amazing. I could get blasted into the stratosphere with just a very small amount of cannabis. If you have never smoked marijuana this way, allow me to explain it. First, take two knives and slide them between the coils of a hot plate or an old-fashioned stove. Next, take a little tiny pinch of cannabis and roll it into a ball between your fingers. The size of the cannabis ball should be no bigger than a BB or a ball bearing. Once the knives are hot, which takes 2 to 4 minutes, use the blades to pinch your ball of cannabis. The result is a super-concentrated hit of marijuana smoke that is equivalent to smoking a whole bowl all at once. Using this method your cannabis supply will last twice as long as normal!

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