When I was attending college classes, I fell in with an exciting and fun group of fellow students.

I was studying English and history at the time, but these guys were all engineering students.

We got along because we had a shared passion for marijuana. Every weekend, and most other nights as well, we got together at their shared apartment and spent hours getting high and watching Youtube videos. As engineering students, these guys were fascinated with the idea of making a next-level bong. They were all really smart, so they turned the focus of their mental acumen to creating the best possible cannabis experience. This is exactly why I always hung out with them! Not only were they obsessed with cannabis, but they wanted to take it to another echelon. Gary was the only member of the group who wanted to start growing his own cannabis. The others helped me design and build equipment to assist with cannabis production, including a hydration system and a bank of lights to mimic the sun. Gary would spend days on end in the attic, toiling with the equipment and fussing with his marijuana plants. A few weeks later, he presented to us some of the best smelling cannabis I have ever experienced. The odor was deceiving, however, because the cannabis buds were immature, full of seeds, and lacking in THC content. Gary went back to the drawing board and started cultivating his next batch of cannabis plants. Meanwhile, the rest of us just bought out marijuana from the dealer down the hall.

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