I went to college in the mid 1980s, which according to experts was not as cool as the 70s, but markedly more fun than the dreadful 90s.

I think that I got a good education while at the university, but I was far more concerned with having fun.

After one year in the dorms I hooked up with a group of friends and rented a huge house together off campus. Today we couldn’t afford such a thing, because of housing prices, but as I mentioned, this was a different time, and a very cool one! All five of the roommates were major cannabis smokers, to varying degrees. Steve was the leader of the pack, mostly because he was the only guy committed enough to grow his own cannabis plants. The rest of us bought our marijuana, but Steve had two dozen cannabis plants in buckets set up in the garage. Remember at this point in history there were no states that had legalized marijuana. Some places were debating the use of medically prescribed cannabis, but that was as far as it went. This is why Steve was so driven by his work, because it would give him the freedom to smoke, or sell, as much cannabis as he wanted. Every once in a while I would give him a few bucks for supplies, or give him the errand cannabis seeds I found in my dimebags. My generosity eventually paid off, because after his first major cannabis harvest he gave me six ounces worth of weed! Which even at the time was a ton of cannabis!

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