My arthritis has been slowly ramping up over the years.

It used to be a mild complication that I just worked though.

My hands would ache a bit and I would just ignore it. Then I started eating gin soaked raisins when the pain got too bad. Currently I am dealing with almost crippling pain. They tense up and it is hard to type on a computer. I went to the doctor’s office and that wasn’t fruitful at all. The guy wanted to inject me with pain meds. That didn’t seem all that safe and possibly addicting. I did some research online and I found people rely on CBD products for chronic pain. CBD oil or CBD topicals can really help with arthritis pain. I didn’t want to have an oil that I needed to take daily. Putting it in a cup of coffee or under my tongue seemed gross. A lot of users complained about the horrible aftertaste. A CBD topical is just a cream that is applied directly to the affected area. It soothes the area by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation. It is like a more powerful icy hot. People say the area tingles and feels almost cool to the touch. It also has a lavender and spearmint scent. I really like my CBD topic. I put the cream on right before work and then again before bed. I know when I miss a day or a shift because my hands immediately act up. CBD is great since I am not getting high from the product. There is no THC in it.

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