My husband was a big booze drinker. At night he would pour himself a glass of wine or whiskey to wind down. The booze would relax his mind and help him sleep. It would calm his body down and reduce his work anxiety. I didn’t like all the booze he was consuming. I didn’t feel it was good for him and could be possibly addicting. I wanted something healthier too. I looked online for ways to reduce my husband’s stress without introducing alcohol. I found a lot of people rely on cannabis beverages. You can get sodas, chocolate drinks or flavored waters that have CBD in them. The CBD beverages don’t get you high unless you want to hunt a high THC content in them. I went to the CBD shop nearby and asked about cannabis beverages. I was really happy with what I found. There are all sorts of flavors available. I found grapes, kiwi, bananas, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. There are all sorts of carbonated and non carbonated options. I got a deal on a four pack of different flavors. The idea was just to have my husband try it for a few nights to see if it worked better or at least as good as the booze. My husband just loves it! He said the cannabis beverages work better for calming him down than the booze ever did. He likes that he can change up flavors and that the CBD beverage helps him sleep at night. It is also a lot cheaper than buying alcohol.

Medical marijuana