A concentrate is a more powerful blend, a lot more potent.

I have been looking into full spectrum CBD blends. I want something that can help with our depression but not get me totally high. A lot of cannabis dispensaries have pushed me to try heavy THC blends… With our moods the way they are, I don’t want to change it so severely. I love the method of staying heavy in CBD since that doesn’t affect your mood. All it does is calm the body plus is more of a medical product. A little THC does work wonders though, especially for depression. I found that there is broad spectrum plus full spectrum CBD blends. The difference is that a full spectrum CBD product has elements of THC. It is only around .3%, so hardly anything. That little bit makes the product more effective though. Since I don’t need to worry about drug tests plus I am not totally against THC, I have been searching for full spectrum CBD blends near me. I found a cannabis dispensary that offers a wide selection of CBD products. They offer topicals, flowers, oil, concentrates plus tinctures. I have been looking at CBD concentrates of the full spectrum variety. A concentrate is a more powerful blend, a lot more potent. So I suppose I should be successful with this. The budtender I have been working with is great. He told me that I might need to come back to adjust our dose if it turns out to be too much for me. It might take time to get the product that I want.