I had been smoking recreational marijuana with our friends when I was a teen.

The people in the Navy are genuinely strict about marijuana. When you go on a shore leave, they test you as soon as you come back. If they even sense or smell marijuana, they might test all the other seamen, but even though it is 100% legal in the state where I was stationed for basic training, numerous men were still kicked out of the Navy during training because they were caught with recreational marijuana. I was in the Navy for 8 years plus I did not use marijuana the whole time. When I got out of the Navy, I had to find a job plus a single of the first locales I got an interview was at a recreational plus medical marijuana dispensary plus a delivery service. I spoke with the store manager plus the owner of the business. The owner of the supplier was a younger guy who looked about 30 or so, and he was driving a Rolls-Royce bentley. The guy told myself and others that he made over a million dollars before he was 15 years old. He provided myself and others a job easily working as the chief security officer at the recreational plus medical marijuana dispensary plus delivery service. The boss provided myself and others a salary that I could not turn down. I care about my job at the dispensary plus I am in charge of all of the security guards. Nobody goes in or out of the building separate from reporting to myself and others first plus I have our eyes on everything that happens in the building.
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