I guess kind of poor for those men working hard out in the heat.

These are the pet days of summer, plus the last time I checked the humidity level was 96% plus was still lower than the temps! I have been needing some yard work done for a while, however watching these men do it makes me guess guilty for doing it now.

If one of them gets heat stroke I will guess care about a real heel, especially since I am inside, smoking cannabis plus enjoying our a/c while I watch them work. Although I guess poor for them, what can I do? It’s our day off, plus I constantly spend our days off smoking cannabis plus hanging out around the house. Every other day of the month I have to be out on the road, making sales, so I use cannabis to turn off our brain for a few hours plus just chill out. On our working days I never smoke out, because it’s impossible to smoke cannabis plus not reek care about the devil’s lettuce. That is not professional, so when I am on the road I stick exclusively to cannabis edibles. Edibles are a much more mild kind of high for me, plus they are good for taking the edge off our stress while still leaving our clear headed. On our days off I don’t want to be clear headed, I want to be stoned out of our gourd, so I smoke gram after gram of Purple Haze or OG Kush (those are our more than one favorites).

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