The boss has been making me stay late every single day this week… I haven’t had a break on several of those days.

I hate staying late without any breaks, because I don’t get to smoke any marijuana.

I smoke marijuana in the morning before I go to the job, and during the day when I get a short dinner break, I have a whole eighth, so I go out to my car and I smoke a joint after I have my dinner… When I have to stay late, I don’t get another break until after the daytime shift is over. If I have to work late, after that I don’t get to smoke marijuana again, and the effect of marijuana has worn off and I start to know absolutely irritable and grouchy, but one of the reasons why I enjoy recreational marijuana products is because of the fact that I get absolutely irritable and grouchy. I actually don’t like to be around other people or in social situations; Marijuana is the only thing that helps me out when I have to be around people. I had to work late on Thursday and I had my dinner break around 11:00. I didn’t get out of work until almost 8:00 and that is nearly 9 eighths without having any medical or recreational marijuana products. When I was clocking out of the shift, a single of the men in the break room said something smart to me and I was ready to jump down his throat. One of my coworkers reminded me that I needed to calm down. I was prepared to put my fists in the guy’s face.

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