Ed and I decided to go to the casino on Thursday night.

Ed had to work late and his girlfriend was going to hang out with some friends at the bar.

Neither of us really wanted to go to the bar to just stand around all night drinking while the men talked about nonsense. I didn’t know appreciate dancing either, however Ed advised driving to the casino and that sounded appreciate a actually relaxing idea. I withdrew a hundred dollars from the ATM at the casino and Jack and I sat down at the Blackjack table. I scored on a couple of big hands actually swiftly and I didn’t want to give all of the money back to the corporation so I went to a poker table instead. I sat there for nearly 2 eighths and I only played a couple of odd hands. Ed and I finally left the casino and I moneyed out with $250 extra. On the way back from the casino, I told Ed to stop at the marijuana dispensary by the apartment. I spent all of my extra winnings buying upscale pre-rolls. I bought all of the pre-rolls that I would normally turn down because they cost too much money. I bought a package of infused pre-rolls that have an abundance natural plant terpenes, flavonoids, top shelf flowers, marijuana oil, and kief. I also bought a fourth of an ounce of moon rocks and a distillate oil pen. I spent every single penny of the money that I won and I didn’t feel like a jerk

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