If not, I won’t be staying in the section forever

I used to live in a recreational weed state. I never honestly thought much of it. I just got the cannabis I wanted, when I wanted. I officially choose an edible if I want some relief. I would dabble with other methods of consumption though, then a topical for chronic pain, a tincture to sleep, some flowers in order to treat my anxiety. It was honestly nice to get in plus out when I wanted to. Well I had to transfer for a task promotion. I considered so various things before the move. I thought about the weather of my current state, the diners, cost of housing, schools, nearby airports, etc. I didnt’ guess about the fact that I moved from a recreational cannabis state to a medical weed only state. It is so weird here. I can’t just get what I want anymore. I have done the process of getting my medical weed card. It was worth doing for sure, and however, I now have strict limitations. I am not perceiving as much cannabis as I would like. I also am only allowed flower form of cannabis. I miss edibles plus topicals. I miss being able to grab what I want. I am going to stay in this state for years. I hope that they eventually get to be a recreational cannabis state. If not, I won’t be staying in the section forever. Cannabis is too pressing to me. I can bear only a single type of weed for now, however forever isn’t going to be happening in my case.



Medical Marijuana Certifications