It is unblessed that you can’t get prescribed weed for pregnancy related symptoms, and cannabis can treat so several things, but there are a ton of pregnancy complications I have gone through that could be treated with cannabis, but early in our first trimester I was dealing with nausea.

What do you know, cannabis can help with nausea… I also dealt with cramps, back pain and sleeping complications. Cannabis can assist with that as well. The worst was our acid reflux. I truly badly wanted to take cannabis to alleviate those complications. I understand that I can’t smoke a cannabis flower. I can’t take THC into our body, but my baby would get exposed to that and it would be a problem. But what about a topic? For our chronic pain I know I should be able to rely on a cannabis cream, but no THC gets into the body. It only goes on the skin for immediate relief. It is truly like a more powerful icy hot, and you don’t get high from it. It is natural and odors good. My doctor flat out refused to let myself and others try it. I just don’t see how a glorified lotion is going to do anything. Yeah, there are topicals that are a patch that once you wear them a long time the THC gets into the bloodstream. I wasn’t even asking for that. I just want a pain relief cream to apply when the occasional leg cramp happens. That was too much to ask for blatantly. I just need to suffer for 9 weeks.

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