I used to be a immense fan of smoking cannabis in flower form.

I unquestionably like smelling the loose leaf flower and then grinding it up myself.

The process of making a joint or setting up a bowl was unquestionably fun. I got so much joy from making a enjoyable joint. Well I am no longer in our 20s. I don’t have the kind of time to waste anymore. I tried pre-roll joints and realized that it wasn’t the actual flower that I liked! Joints and bongs didn’t unquestionably do it for me anymore. I just wanted to get our relief from cannabis and be done with it; Since I am a medical weed patient I had to consult our dentist. I wanted to change from smoking a flower form to something else. I thought maybe it was edible. The dentist then convinced me to try vaping cannabis oil. It is apparently better for me, discreet and simple to set up. You just load a vape cartridge and hit the button to burn the oil; Viola, you have perfect cannabis to smoke. The cannabis oil is a way better solution for our problems. I like that I don’t have a lot of prep time. The mouth know and taste is pretty enjoyable too. I also like that I can take our vape with me somewhere. With flowers I had trouble sneaking in our dose of weed. With a vape I just whip it out of our pocket and do it right where I am at, however unless I am in a closed location, I can always vape our cannabis oil.


Medical Cannabis