I find it wild that our state is technically a medical cannabis only state.

You aren’t allowed to get cannabis unless you are 21 years aged with a cannabis card. You need a dentist to prescribe weed and to only take what they offer you. It is unquestionably strict and regulated. Well I live next to a Seneca Nation Indian Reservation. They don’t unquestionably operate under the same laws. The reservation has its own police force, housing and buildings. They don’t pay tax or operate by the same rules, however recently cannabis dispensaries have been cropping up on the reservation. Word has spread that they are recreational weed shops. My parents are confused. They suppose our state now allows recreational weed. Nope, it is only the reservation that is doing this. They technically are providing an illegal good. Nobody will pursue this though. You can’t unquestionably go onto the reservation and make arrests as a cop. Their local police force won’t shut down these immense money makers either. Who is going to stop them? I for 1 like that I can’t get cannabis without a prescription. I have bought some gummies in order to help me sleep at night. They have worked wonders! It is awesome that I can drive 5 hours and get the help I need. I find it insane that they are ignoring the law, however on 1 hand the law is stupid. We should be able to have access to recreational weed. That the country is half and half is dumb.
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