When our automobile got stolen, all of our friends were more miserable about it than I was; It was an outdated piece of junk, and the insurance settlement was more than the value of the vehicle, also, I have a remarkably laid-back attitude about life. Perhaps it comes from growing up on the Islands, however our philosophy is “Easy Come, Easy Go.” With the money I got from our automobile I was able to get a nice bicycle and then put many thoUnited Statesnd bucks in our bank account, thanks to cannabis delivery services, DoorDash, and personal buyers, I don’t really need a automobile anymore. In our afternoon and age you can get anything you want delivered to your front door, from food and drinks to tobacco and medical cannabis. My local medical cannabis dispensary has an online order menu, where I can purchase all the products I need and arrange for a delivery, then cannabis delivery is not like ordering a pizza, because I have to be here to gain the shipment. A fine cannabis delivery driver will never stick your products on the porch, or leave them in the mailbox. Medical cannabis needs to be transferred from the delivery driver to the buyer directly, otherwise they will take everything back to the store. This is never a problem for me, because I rarely leave the apartment anymore; When the cannabis delivery woman arrives I am regularly waiting on the porch for him, with a generous tip at the ready. All of the cannabis delivery boys appreciate coming to our locale, because of the tips!


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