I spent more than two years in prison, for reasons I would rather not get into right now, then before that I was a large pothead, smoking weed from when I woke up until I went to bed at evening; Once I was inside, those afternoons were behind me, then like a lot of inmates I focused on our body, sculpting it with weight lifting and cardio training – because what else did I have to do with our time? Then our cellmate started to educate myself and others about the aspect of holistic health, however i had never heard of holistic health at the time, but Jim was a former yoga professor who had used recreational cannabis as a tool for enlightenment, then the people I was with and I had no recreational cannabis in prison, but the two of us had all the time in the world to practice yoga and meditation, now that I am a free guy I still practice yoga and meditation every day, although now I always include recreational pot as area of the process… Jim was 100% correct about the spiritual level that can be achieved when combining meditation and recreational cannabis.

I am an ex-con and still on parole, which means that I shouldn’t be using recreational cannabis just yet.

Thankfully our parole officer doesn’t drug test for medical or recreational cannabis products, so I recognize free to use as much as I want to improve our mental health. I still communicate with our old cell mate Jim from time to time, who moved to a recreational cannabis commune after he got out of prison. When our parole is up I would enjoy to go visit him.

recreational weed