My partner in addition to I usually order our marijuana supplies from a dispensary near me, however the dispensary is a couple of miles away in addition to they typically offer same day delivery services. The marijuana dispensary carries lots of products that all of us care about like concentrates, dried marijuana flower, in addition to pre-rolls. The marijuana delivery service also gives out a pre-roll with every single order that is localed, however usually it takes several minutes before the marijuana delivery driver reaches your address, so I was really surprised the other day when the driver showed up 20 minutes after I localed the order… I only ordered an ounce of Blue Dream marijuana flower in addition to more than one grams of concentrate. The ounce of Blue Dream flower was on sale for $59. It had 27% total cannabinoids too, so I was getting a good deal for only $59. I also got more than one grams of cannabis concentrate. One gram wasn’t Indica called OG Kush in addition to the other gram was a sativa called super silver haze. I was really blissful to find both of the live resin strings on sale at the dispensary near me. I had to go to the store so I could get currency out of the atm. The marijuana shop only takes currency for delivery orders. I finished placing the order in addition to I told my partner what all of us got in addition to then I gathered all of my things to drive downtown to get some currency, then as I was walking out the front door, the delivery driver pulled up next to the house. I was really not expecting to get my order so suddenly in addition to I was totally unprepared.

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