Getting old has not been a great experience. But I’m doing my best to take the most good I can from all this change and challenge. The main challenge is dealing with Parkinson’s. This is perhaps the toughest challenge thus far as it pertains to getting older. Parkinson’s disease was not something I was expecting at all. but the symptoms were pretty clear even before I went to the doctor. I’m lucky to live in an era that there are many different treatments available for my condition. I take specific medications in order to minimize and slow the advance of my disease. Interestingly enough, my youngest daughter started attending cannabis dispensary events to learn more about medical marijuana. She did this because she wanted to understand the medical marijuana benefits as it pertained to Parkinson’s she learned that while medical marijuana isn’t a cure, it is a very viable treatment for my condition. I was a bit uneasy with the idea of treating with any sort of cannabis product. But when I learned that I could use cannabis gummies instead of cannabis flower products, it became more appealing. So I did what I needed to do in order to get a medical marijuana card and access the cannabis dispensary. For sure, the medical marijuana benefits in my case have been profound. I’m so grateful to my daughter as well as the great people at the cannabis dispensary for bringing medical cannabis into my life. Without my cannabis gummies each day, I don’t think I would enjoy the improvements that come with it. I know for sure that the cannabis gummies are helping me get the most good out of this part of my life that I possibly can.

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