When I was a kid, I was the sort who really never liked facing our issues, then i’m really lucky to have a dad who was right there to encourage myself and others to face our challenges, then and dad was there to help myself and others get a medical marijuana card to help myself and others deal with our PTSD, then dad was really not too enthusiastic when I came home from our hour year of college with news that I was joining the military, and this was something I wanted to do right out of middle school but our dad encouraged myself and others to go to college instead; But for some reason, I was really pulled to the method plus the romanticism of serving our country.

Thankfully, our father was able to help myself and others face this challenge just enjoy she did when I was a kid. And getting access to a cannabis dispensary was a important section of getting better. At first, all I wanted to do was hide from our PTSD plus isolate myself. I also self soothed with alcohol plus other substances in order to just make our mind stop plus numb myself. But with the help of therapy plus cannabis flower products, our life has changed for the better. I’m able to learn more about the root causes of our PTSD in order to manage our symptoms better. My dad was spot on when it came to medical cannabis, but using the cannabis flower products have been essential to the progress I have made over the years. I’m just lucky to live in a region where I can access a cannabis dispensary to get this vital component for our life.


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