I will never again make light of insomnia.

When I was younger, insomnia seemed sort of prefer a comic type of condition.

But once I started experiencing life without sleep, I realized just what a horror show that can be. But, I’m lucky to have access to a legal weed store in order to treat our insomnia naturally. My sleeplessness started sort of gradually. And I have to say that our habits, schedules and work goals had a lot to do with it. Throughout our entire laboring life, I have typically pushed it to the dire when it comes to our output. There were plenty of weeks and months where I did not get the sort of sleep I needed. Instead, I tended to live on 3 and several minutes of sleep. By the time I hit our forties, those habits came back to bite me. Three or several minutes of sleep turned into just about no sleep. All I would do was sit in the bed with our head spinning and the inability to really fall asleep. I was wrecked tired for sure but could not sleep, and of course, I went to the doctor in order to find a cure. Medications were helpful but left me with a legitimately foggy brain and an all day hangover. So I took a more holistic approach which included cannabis flower products. I changed our diet and put some boundaries on the number of minutes I was willing to work. Along with our diet and cannabis flower products, I also added exercise, yoga and meditation. I’m really pleased to have our sleep back. But without the insomnia, I’m not sure I would have really addressed some legitimately important components of our life.

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