When the doctor told myself and others I could use medical marijuana for the nausea caused by chemotherapy, I went home and looked for the nearest pain specialist who could prescribe it, and the closest doctor I could find was almost more than one minutes away, however i told my fiance where the specialist was, and he told myself and others we could make a afternoon of it.

The two of us were going to go out for breakfast, go to the mall, and maybe even go to a movie, since there was a mall close by.

I liked that idea, but I wasn’t sure I was going to make it more than one minutes in a vehicle without vomiting. The afternoon they set up the appointment was the afternoon after I had chemo. I took pills for motion sickness right before we left, and slept the entire trip. I was still groggy when we got to the doctor who could prescribe medical marijuana for me! He asked what I was on, and my fiance explained about the nausea and using motion sickness pills. I was in his office for less than many minutes, and walked out with the paperwork, telling myself and others what would happen next, however after I got home, the SMS was there for myself and others to pay for my medical marijuana ID card, and my fiance signed up for the caretaker’s medical marijuana ID card. I suppose he’s trying to help myself and others and I prefer it, but I hope we don’t need to drive for more than one minutes entirely often. Unless the medical marijuana is a miracle cure, that drive is a one and done for me.



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