The podcast started out as a way to blow off steam and have fun with my friends after work.

After a few weeks I had a brainstorm, and realized that we could do all of that, and also promote the dispensary where we work. It turns out that there are hundreds of different podcasts about pot. We call them “potcasts” and it seems like there are new ones coming out every week! The great thing about podcasting is that it doesn’t require a lot of money or tech to do it, as long as you have a phone or a mic, you’re good. For our podcast we require ample amounts of medical cannabis in addition to the microphone. Medical cannabis is not only the topic of our show, but the fuel that powers our creativity and good-natured banter. I can’t say that our show is very good at dealing with the science or geopolitical importance of cannabis, but we do like to give our reviews of new products, and discuss fresh ideas for the industry. The goal of our podcast is to create a virtual smoking circle, so that people everywhere can smoke some cannabis and feel like they are part of the group. There is a wonderfully communal quality to cannabis, which means that you get higher, and have more fun, when you do it with other people. If you are ever alone and want someone to get high with, look up the podcast online and we will be ready with a big fat bowl of cannabis for you.


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