I was supposed to go to the beach with my friends on Thursday, but my boss called me and said that I had to come to a meeting at 10:00 a.m, and the meeting was only supposed to last 2 hours, and I was going to get paid. The marijuana dispensary was also going to supply us with donuts and coffee. The meeting was long and boring. That’s why they fed us and gave us coffee. The owner of the marijuana dispensary knew that the people I was with and I were going to be born and falling asleep. The meeting was with the human resource supplier partner for the dispensary. The human resource manager was talking with us about 401K planning and retirement planning, and i guess that it’s important to prepare for my future and guess about returning, but I would have rather spent those two hours with my friends at the beach. The discussion about 401K planning went right over my head. I was barely listening at all. I was thinking about the sun shining outside and how I could not wait to get out to my automobile so I could join my friends at the beach… When the meeting was over, I had to sign a piece of paper from the HR department that stated I was there and I was informed about all of my chances for retirement and financial planning. I grabbed a couple of donuts on my way out the door and I headed over to the beach so I could join my friends for an afternoon of fun and relaxation.
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