When I walked into the cannabis dispensary last week, I told them who I was and that I was there to option up an order.

At our cannabis dispensary, they always pull the products out of the bin and let myself and others look at it.

They want myself and others to approve of what is in the bag. When they pulled out a single RSO, it was the wrong manufacturer. I asked why it was from someone else, and not the marijuana product I had ordered. The budtender told myself and others it was the product, however another vendor was now selling it to them. I was unsure if I should take the product. I wanted to know where the marijuana product came from, and that it has the same ingredients. There are a lot of things that could be different. I didn’t want it if it had a higher THC than my correct marijuana product. He said it was 5% higher, however that shouldn’t matter. I had hallucinations when something was only 10% THC. I didn’t want a marijuana product that was 15%. She apologized and took the marijuana product out of the bag. I had to go to multiple cannabis dispensaries before I had a single tell myself and others they could get the marijuana product for me. I don’t need to go to the same cannabis dispensary all the time, because there are multiple in my local area. None of them are further than five miles away, which makes it much easier for me. If that was the only cannabis dispensary in our area, I wouldn’t be getting that marijuana product.

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