I was looking for someone who could give my website a boost. I had been working on the website design for my cannabis dispensary for almost a month. I would start to purchase inventory and hire people for when I opened the cannabis dispensary. I was hoping to have my website up and running so people could fill out an online application and set up an appointment for an interview. I wanted a website that would attract customers and let them know about my policies, inventory, and how to order online. I was offering pickup and delivery for my regular cannabis dispensary customers, and shipping for those just looking to purchase from another area. Before I made the website live, my wife told me I should talk to a professional website designed and have them look at the website design and make sure I had everything I needed to make it a serviceable website. I didn’t want to spend the extra money, but she had a good reason for it. I went online and found an online website design company. The person I was talking to was impressed with the website, and said I had a lovely design and all the information I needed. I just needed a landing page and a few other pages to make it serviceable. She added pages to my website design and also added some extra SEO. I had to admit that between the two of us; I had an amazing website and my wife agreed. She just didn’t like all the background pictures because they were all cannabis dispensary items.



Website for cannabis dispensary