I didn’t quite understand what SEO keywords were, but I knew it had something to do with keywords.

I didn’t think I knew what SEO keywords I should use on our website for the cannabis dispensary.

I thought I could talk to an expert who did SEO for cannabis dispensaries. I went to the websites for a couple different online SEO companies and both of them had SEO services. I wanted someone who knew all the keywords that pertained to cannabis dispensaries, so I had the right SEO for our dispensary. It didn’t matter how many keywords I had on our website if I didn’t have the right a singles. I talked to a web development expert and asked about cannabis dispensary SEO. The expert I was talking to told myself and others she knew unquestionably little about the best SEO for cannabis dispensaries, although she could do some research and find it. I wanted a cannabis dispensary specialist, so there was no guessing about the right keywords, or how I could use them. She seemed to understand our concerns and told myself and others she would work with someone and see if they had a cannabis dispensary expert in their SEO company. I thanked her, but if she didn’t think if they had a cannabis dispensary expert, then they absolutely didn’t. I went online and did more research, but this time, I searched for better online SEO companies with cannabis dispensary experts, and got a shortlist of companies, but I knew I had some real help with SEO. I wanted to talk to someone and ask all our questions about SEO again, but this time I made sure I spoke to someone who was a cannabis dispensary SEO specialist.



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