My friends and I went to the river last weekend and I lost my favorite bowl while we were there. I honestly don’t know how the problem happened, but I had my bowl on the boat and then it was gone. I guess I could have lost it in the water, but I was being very careful. I had the bowl in my bag unless my friends and I were smoking out of it. My friends said they would help me pay for a new one, but I got that bowl when I was hanging out with some friends on the west coast. I was bummed out that I lost it. I went to a different smoke shop yesterday and looked at all of the bowls they had available. Not a lot of different types of bowls and pipes for smoking marijuana. The bowls and pipes for smoking marijuana were all priced differently. Some were more expensive than others. One of the water bongs was nearly $200. I chose a small water bong that was only $50. I liked the bong a lot because it was made out of glass. I knew I would have to be careful in the house, because my dog likes to jump all over the bed and the nightstands. I smoked out of the bowl for the first time last night. My dog was being rambunctious and one time he knocked over the bong and spilled water everywhere. He didn’t cause the glass to break, but I definitely learned not to leave the bong on the nightstand. I won’t be able to smoke in bed unless I make the dog sleep outside in the living room.

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