I have been laboring for the same marijuana delivery service for approximately 6 months.

Most of our customers are regulars that often buy products from the marijuana shop every week… I know a good amount of them by name. I also know a lot of them because I see their address all the time. I saw an order for a lady who lives in an old building where the stairs are completely broken down. I told the lady that I would be entirely cheerful to supply her items but she would have to meet me downstairs! The lady became incredibly frustrated when I refused to walk up all those flights of stairs to her apartment. We really don’t offer front door delivery service. Most of my customers have to meet me outside at my car. The lady was basically used to me making the delivery to her apartment, but this time she was going to have to meet me in the parking lot. I called the lady when I was not far away from the address. She told me she would provide me with an extra $10 tip if I chose to walk up the stairs. I told the lady again that my pal and I could meet in the parking lot. When I arrived, she was not ready to come to my car to get the order. I called the phone at least four times but she did not answer. I suppose she thought that I was going to walk up the stairs when I could not reach her despite the fact that I actually turned around and went back to the medical and recreational marijuana store. She never acquired her items that night.


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